1) Customize your card using the controls on the right.

2) Hover over the control's leftmost column, if you'd like to see
more information on each setting.

3) Press the SUBMIT button. It will open a PDF file containing
the front and back of your generated card.

ⓘ Character       Image Upload your own character artwork.
Format: .png or .jpg
Size: 1550 px x 2080 px
DPI: 300
DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE UPLOAD FILE Please note that due to technical reasons, all uploaded images will be temporarily stored. They are deleted in a 24h interval or when the SUBMIT button is pressed.
ⓘ Archetype ⬉ : Warlike
⬊ : Clandestine
⬋ : Wealthy
⬌ : Scholarly
ⓘ Clan If a character is affiliated with a clan, it can be recruited for free by the player of that clan.
ⓘ Attribute 1

Your character's political affiliation.
: Elitist
: Egalitarian

ⓘ Attribute 2

Your character's temper.
: Calm, kind, passive
: Cruel, forceful, violent

ⓘ Attribute 3

Your character's location.
: South,
: East, : North,
: West, : Roaming

ⓘ Skill Press icons above text field to input special characters. Press [enter] for line break.